Develop new skills. Soar to great heights. Being a Cub opens up a whole other world.

Welcome to the Gagarin & Armstrong Cub Packs

Hello and Welcome to 1st Burntwood Cub Packs.
Develop new skills. Soar to great heights. Being a Cub opens up a whole other world.

Cub Scouts is suitable for people aged 8-10 ½ years old. Members are welcomed to the cub pack and a range of activities such as badge work and games are involved in pack meetings.

There are many different badges in which a member of the cub pack can achieve with seven challenge badges and lots of other activity badges. The challenge badges can be built up and when six of the seven are achieved, the cubs can gain their Silver Award. This is the highest badge available in the cubs section.

There are also other events in which cubs scout members can participate in, from camps to swimming gala’s as several different events are available throughout the year. Some events are organised by the Lichfield District Scouts which includes events being joined by other cub packs,. helping the scouting community to strengthen its connections.

Our Cub Pack Meetings are on a Tuesday 18:30-20:00 (Gagarin) and Wednesday 19:00-20:30 (Armstrong) at the Scout HQ in Burntwood Park, Elder Lane, Burntwood.

More information

If would like more information then please get in touch using the Contact Us form or email the leaders directly.  If you are interested in joining or being added to the waiting list please go to the join page.

Nature and the outdoors are languages that can be learned. Once you identify a beech tree, tie a clove hitch or cook a simple meal over a fire that you’ve built yourself, you’ll never forget it.'
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls