Summer Update

Date: 3rd Sep 2020 Author: Rich Williams

I hope you are all well.

First of all I would like to say thank you for engaging with our digital programme in any way that you have been over the last few months. We have been getting some excellent feedback about how much the young people (and siblings and parents) have been enjoying the program and the opportunity to get together regularly.

You may have noticed that the scout association has now moved from “Red” to “Amber” status. This means that after following a process we can return to some face to face scouting. Currently this is limited to groups of 15 (including leaders) and must be outdoors (although we are allowed to use the toilets). The process requires us to write a risk assessment for each section, status and sometimes event if taking place somewhere different. We do risk assessments regularly of course so this isn’t new to us. However, these assessments must be formally approved by our GSL, Exec and District team as well as being lodged with the scout association. Following approval, they will be shared with all parents and guardians and we will be asking for written/electronic sign off that you have read them and understood them before your young person may participate. Prior to attending we would like you to brief your young person on how they may expected to behave under these new rules and we will also do this ourselves at the start of each session.

Clearly there will be additional activities for us to carry out as well including cleaning equipment and toilets before and after each session along with the provision of new and additional cleaning supplies and social distancing signage etc. If any of you would like to volunteer to help your section with these additional activities, particularly at the start or end of a session, please contact your leader team. As each session can only be 15 it might be that we may only need your help once a fortnight.

This new process will take some weeks to get in place and now the summer is upon us. Each section will be choosing the pace at which it returns or continues with digital or a mix of both. It is important to remember that our digital programme continues to ensure all of young people and leaders can continue to participate especially as some are vulnerable or shielding.
Of course, I would expect our volunteers to take some time off over the summer to as we normally do. So, whilst some sections may provide some limited face to face experiences this is unlikely to be the norm until September. Each section leader will communicate their specific plans with you using their normal methods.

As we return to full a programme, we will be removing the reduced subs option and from September we will be expecting all subs to be paid in full. Of course, if anyone has any difficulty in paying subs please can you contact your section leader or myself to see how we can help. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support during this period.

Finally of course I would like to pay tribute to our leaders and volunteers who have worked tirelessly through this period to keep scouting in Burntwood going. Thanks guys you are all superstars.

Rich Williams
1st Burntwood Scouts GSL

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